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  • Dodano: 22 lipca, 2021

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  • Strona www: Bioteriaprobiotics


Opis oferty

Bioteria is a team of healthy lifestyle lovers. For 10 years, probiotics that we want to share with you have been developed based on the latest technologies, knowledge and experience of dietitians, doctors and biotechnologists.

Thanks to the motivation based on tens of thousands of satisfied and loyal customers, we want to share the innovative solution of Liquid Probiotics.

We want to develop customer awareness in the areas of pro-health prophylaxis and expand our activities throughout Europe, becoming one of the leaders of the probiotic industry.

To work effectively, we focus on the source, i.e. the digestive system, which contains 80% of the immune system created by good bacterial cultures that protect our body against diseases and allergies.

Our products are 100% natural, do not contain gluten and lactose, and the packaging is fully recyclable. We are guided by loyalty to customers and diligence in the implementation of our mission.

We are open to cooperation with shops, wholesalers, pharmacies, herbalists, diet rooms and sports clubs.
If you have any questions, please contact us:


1. Award of the EMS Promotion and Publishing Agency – Eagle of Agribusiness 2018, for market success

2. The Polish Enterprise Agency Award – Polish Innovation Award 2018

3. The 2016 Business Cheetah title awarded by the European Business Institute in the 11th edition of the competition for the most dynamic enterprises according to the increase in market value

4. Certificate issued by the Eco Cycle, as part of conducting a public educational campaign “on the management of packaging and packaging waste” – 2014 edition, 2015 edition and 2016 edition

5. Certificate of the Polish Promotional Program “Appreciate Polish” – November 2015

6. Certificate issued by the Wielkopolska Institute of Quality for improving products in the field of quality as part of the project ‘Building and implementing pro-innovative optimization services for SMEs based on an integrated expert system’ – 2015 edition and 2016 edition

7. First distinction in the competition of the 16th edition of the “Wielkopolska Quality Award” for implementing the concept of management through quality in accordance with the Polish Quality Award Model – 2014 edition

8. Certificate ‘Nasze Dobre Lubuskie’ for taking first place in the food products competition – 2014

9. Honorable mention of the Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Surgery Professor Zbigniew Religa in Zabrze – 2012


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